Why come to the Tamerici?

We could answer that it is just a few kilometres from Rome; that it is surrounded by amazing historical and architectural, artistic and natural regional riches; that it hosts a centre of elaboration and diffusion of the culinary culture of Lazio. But we prefer to speak of the meditative silence of the park, broken by the sound of the waves and astounding sunsets over the sea.

  • 1Position

    The hotel alle Tamerici enjoys a privileged position on the sea, adjacent to the Palo Nature Reserve, a stone’s throw from the Capital and the most important archaeological sites of the Etruscan and Roman periods: Rome, Cerveteri, Tarquina, Vulci. It is on the border with the Maremma Laziale, famous for its nature, sea, and culinary excellence, its DOC and IGT wines, its ancient cheese-making traditions and the daily catch.

    Staying at the Hotel alle Tamerici allows one to explore different places every day, each one rich with culture nature and typicality.

  • 2Tranquillity

    The hotel rooms look out over a large garden facing the sea. The colours and sounds are a pure expression of nature.

  • 3Good food

    The exclusivity of the hotel restaurant, named “Officina Gastronomica“, is a treasure, expressed through a studied menu, which exalts the quality of the local fish and other culinary riches of the region.

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