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More than a restaurant, MAREPUNTOEAT is a selection of proposals inspired by various ways to eat. From the gourmet table of the OFFICINA GASTRONOMICA, a centre of culture and culinary research, to the typical seaside cuisine offered by the OSTERIA DEL MARE, which revisits local seafood and the typical produce of the region, to the informal and quick style of the BISTROT SUL MARE, a bar and small restaurant, open during the summer season.


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    Not just a sea view, with the peaceful serenity of the summer, and not just fish dishes. Experiencing the sea means breathing the salty air even in the winter time, enjoying the sublime beauty of the storms outside from the comfort of a warm and cosy atmosphere; but above all it means that it is the sea which chooses the dishes, according to the seasons and the unpredictability of the catch. Everything is eaten from the catch, from fine sea bass and bream, to the more modest fish for the paranza (a mixed fish dish), the horse-mackerel, and ray. Equal importance is given to the region and the Lazio cuisine, to which the Osteria dedicates an entire chapter, giving visitors an idea of a land rich in history, a history which is echoed in the culinary traditions and the wisdom of taste.


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    Pleasure at the table comes from recognising something in the dish which moves you intimately. It means finding familiarity. The fact is that cooking is the most cultural act that nature allows us and, at the same time, the most natural act that culture grants us. And so, as indecisive as we are between the desire for nature and the cultural influences that surround us from the moment we are born, what could be more human and familiar to us than cooking?
    Besides, bringing together such fragmented aspects of our lives, re-assembling them into a unique experience, takes not so much a kitchen as a workshop, a place where craftsmanship is practised, substances are blended, perfect combinations are formed, vibrant variations of flavours which are at the same time brand-new and age-old.

  • We are on the beach, perhaps in a bathing costume, cradled by the waves and the warmth of the sun. The drinks, the gourmet sandwiches and the hot seafood and local dishes are created for relaxation, both in the quality of the ingredients and the methods used. The focus is on sea produce, seafood salads, and raw and fried fish. But there is plenty on offer for lovers of vegetables, locally-produced salamis and fresh buffalo-milk cheeses. The bistrot offers a summer experience of the flavours of the sea. Sometimes the weather calms down in the wintertime, the sun warms the air, and you may be tempted to sit on the sea front for something to eat. The bistrot will be ready with its tables, like the petals of a sunflower, as always offering the easiest and liveliest way to bring the results of the Officina Gastronomica’s culinary research to the seaside.

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